Help! I’m impatie–

I feel mad. I take a deep breath and then stand up straight, cross my arms over my chest and then take another deep breath. I start biting my lips and then grasp whatever I’m holding. My hands start to sweat and I check for messages or calls. None. I put on my angry face. Another deep breath. Check my phone again. Still nothing. Five minutes, I leave.

Waiting is something that I’m very, very bad at. No, really. I’m probably the epitome of impatience. I HATE anything that has to do with waiting. But here are the top three “waiting moments” that I experience most of the time:

3. A loading webpage. I can’t even wait five seconds. I mean it. If a webpage doesn’t load as soon as I click the link, I roll my eyes and find out why its taking SO long. This is waiting and I hate it.

2. Lines. Although I dislike anything that has to do with Mathematics. I particularly hate the line that begins and ends with a person. One person, I’ll wait. Two persons, I’ll manage. Three? No way. If it’s a drugstore, I walk to another. If it’s a government office, I go back tomorrow. I always feel like I should be more patient about this tho. Problem is, I can’t.

1. A reply to my text message. I told you I’m impatient. I can’t even wait a minute for that other person to reply to my SMS. So thank God for calls. If that other person doesn’t answer my call, however, I remember to ignore his/her call or SMS when s/he contacts me.  Your fault.

There have been a few moments where I successfully waited for a line to move until I get in front of the counter. Most of the time, I would be very happy when my patiently-waiting-for-something would result to getting what I need. These past few months, I’ve been trying to be more patient. Although it’s really difficult, I keep telling myself to wait another minute. And I’ve been bringing a book with me to keep me from constantly looking at my watch. Hopefully, I’ll be more patient as I grow older. Until then, I’ll keep checking my calendar. Gosh, I need a prescription :))


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