I Was

I was browsing the books in the library when I came across a familiar cardboard with a poem written on it. It was an “I AM” project I made in grade school in which I had to make a poem about myself. The first two words of every line provided by our teacher: an “I” followed by a verb. Funny how a 10-year-old poem still describes me now. My aspirations have definitely changed though.


I am creative and shy

I like to think I’m creative. Ha-ha. A lot of my friends might disagree about the shy part but really, I am. I’m so shy that I wouldn’t even raise my hands in class.

I imagine our broomsticks floating in the air

Ha! I knew I was made for Hogwarts!

I listen to the songs of giants echoing on the clouds

Don’t ask.

I watch Jupiter and Pluto exchanging places

I don’t get either.

I like to make people happy

Really? :O

I am creative and shy

I wish to have a loyal friend

I dream to become a lawyer someday

Oh God, no.

I believe in miracles

I do.

I hope to graduate Grade 6

I did. Yay! I can’t believe I didn’t hope for something else :)))

I think I am tired

I am creative and shy


8 thoughts on “I Was

  1. I wish I had one like this too! hahaha 😀 try reading one of your friend’s old letter to you. Like.. a grade 2 to 6 letter that you received (if ever you were able to receive one, hahaha! you’re evil, you see).

    Back to the letter, you’ll enjoy it! Well at least, I did. Life was so simple! People were so shallow. haha

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