Love at first shot

With so much free time, I’ve had more chance to bond with my laptop. While browsing last night, I came upon the pictures I took for my photography class during my Junior year. In our class, we had to use a manual SLR camera and then develop our pictures in the dark room. I totally fell in love with photography during that semester. I don’t take pictures as much as I did then though. Hopefully, these photos will remind me how wonderful taking pictures feels like.

DISCLAIMER: I’m just a newbie. Be kind 🙂

My youngest sister and our cousin. I didn’t have a camera so I used a camera phone instead. Been using that phone since then. 🙂 

At 6 pm before we left the beach. 

First sunset shot I ever took.

My cousin. He was too busy making a sandcastle to notice me. 

This was for the “Magic Hour” exercise. We were  to take a picture at dawn.


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