NAME: Laarni

MY FRIENDS CALL ME: Laarni, Nini, Small (my friends are VERY honest)

HOBBIES: Reading, Baking, Walking, Daydreaming, Discovering New Things, and Traveling

FAVORITE BOOKS:The Book Thief, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and A Monster Calls

BEST PLACE I’VE BEEN TO: I haven’t been to a lot of paces yet and this might be a little biased because I lived there for two years but KYOTO ❤️

YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When I was squashed by train doors right at the chest, hung there for a few seconds, and NO ONE but I laughed. (-‸ლ)

WHO WAS YOUR FIRST CRUSH? Jason. The boy from first grade who my older sisters teased because they saw him digging something from the trash can. That didn’t deter me though.

WHO WAS YOUR FIRST KISS?  Rafael. YOU know who you are. Did you also know that we were playing a game and kissing was never a part of it?? I hope you weren’t offended when I ran home crying.



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