Book Review: Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

BreadcrumbsBreadcrumbs by Anne Ursu
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“No,” he said, his voice quiet. “Narnia is like her.”

It was the Hogwarts and the Wrinkle in Time references that drew me in when I was reading the first chapters. Sadly, these were not enough to keep the book from what it was turning into – a slight disappointment.

Despite having a good protagonist and a nice premise, Breadcrumbs lacked something that great books have: a good story. Or, at least, a story that makes sense. Surprisingly, it was magic that caused the book’s downfall.

It started with a 5th-grade girl fighting for her imagination in our world (who wouldn’t like her?). Then she lost her friend so she followed him to the woods where the magic (the story too, supposedly) began. Although there were interesting moments and some exciting events, they were disconnected from each other. Instead of going from point A to B and up to Z, the story went from A to 2 to cat to Zealand (I know right?).

The protagonist went through the events bravely and smartly but they did nothing to her when she finally reached her goal – they were like bus stops that had nothing to do with the destination. Although they did help in her character development somewhat, they didn’t turn the book into a good read.

Maybe the author was trying to tell me that magic didn’t make sense. Like Hazel thought so many times as she was going through everything:

“It didn’t make sense.”
“It didn’t really make sense.”
“She hated this place. Nothing made sense.”

But unlike Alice in Wonderland, this didn’t work for this book because the feeling I had, when I finally finished it, was exactly like what the main antagonist wanted: nothing.

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