New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong

Let me end my five-month hiatus with a loud and cheerful HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Since my last post, there had been a few travels, a lot of books, and sadly, no inspiration to pen poems. There were also moments when I considered logging in again to WordPress just to delete this blog.

Obviously (perhaps fortunately) that didn’t happen, and I would pin it on a recent trip and the first item on my New Year’s Resolutions: to write. Because of that, I decided to dedicate this post – my very first of the year – to that said trip, which began on Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.

There I was, on my first hour aboard a boat with free-flowing champagne and buffet dinner, and I had already puked twice. All I wanted to do was go back to my AirBNB or any surface that wasn’t rocky, wet or cold. But there were two more hours before the New Year’s Eve fireworks, which was the reason I and my friend were on the yacht in the first place, so all I could do was sit and wait and puke some more.

Then the fireworks started, and my seasickness dimmed behind the light and smoke.

Hong Kong Fireworks 2018

Hong Kong NYE Fireworks Display

Hong Kong New Year's Eve Fireworks

During those first 15 minutes of 2018 I felt like the happiest girl on Earth and my stomach felt the same despite it’s earlier condition. I don’t know how the crowds on the quay, parks, and skyscrapers saw the fireworks, but on that yacht the display was worth every dollar.

If you find yourself in Hong Kong on the eve of the New Year or Chinese New Year, get on a boat or a yacht or whatever can take you to the harbour. You’ll not only get a great views of the fireworks, you’ll also get to see Hong Kong city from another angle. Who knows, you might also find inspiration like I did.  १✌◡✌५

Hong Kong from Victoria Harbour




  • If you’re going on a cruise around December or January in Hong Kong, dress warmly. It was cold over the water. The people on our boat who were wearing short dresses and shirts – even the ones in thick jackets – were shivering the entire night!
  • Also, the people in high heels and floor-length dresses were stuck to their chairs because they couldn’t move without risking a tumble so dress appropriately.



We chose Hong Kong Yachting, which didn’t disappoint. The food was good, the staff was nice, and the captain took the boat to the right places before and during the fireworks display. Visit their WEBSITE to see their prices.


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