After I got off the train at Otaru Station, all the fairy-tale images in my mind disappeared as I stared at the normal-looking houses just across the tracks. Was this usual-looking Japanese town the location of the beautiful canal I’ve seen in many postcards and pictures?

I was disappointed…

…and hungry

…so I ate the biggest fried chicken I’ve ever had in my life:

Naruto Fried Chicken
Naruto’s Hanshinage Chicken. Naruto is a long-standing shop famous for its fried chicken. The chicken was tasty but a little too salty for me. I can’t complain because I ate the whole thing but it’s similar to how we make fried chicken in the Philippines – nothing new but it made me feel like I was back home so that was great.

My full stomach gave me the optimism to face any disappointment that would further ruin my expectations, but, thankfully, none came. I walked through concrete roads to a cobblestone path, watching as modernity changed into antiquity, until I found myself in one of the pictures I saw on the internet. I was at Otaru canal. It was charming and picturesque, and I would have sat down and read a book happily if not for the heat of the summer sun.


Honestly, there wasn’t much to see (and I lost all my pictures of the canal!!!!) but I enjoyed strolling by the canal, where I saw boats slowly go by and independent artists with their interesting artworks. Since I like walking I would have stayed longer and walked the whole length of the canal but I only had one day in Otaru. Also, I couldn’t wait to get to Sakaimachi Street where delicious Hokkaido cheesecake awaited.



Take the JR Hakodate Line from Sapporo Station to Otaru Station.


3 thoughts on “SEE HOKKAIDO: Otaru Canal

  1. That’s sad that you lost all your photos. I walked by the same place last winter. It’s freezing and cold, but beautiful with lots of snowflakes floating from above, not to mention lots of snow for snowball fights πŸ˜‰

    • That sounds good! I actually want to go back to Sapporo in Winter if I can. I saw your post about Shiroi Koibito Park, which I wanted to visit but didn’t have time for. Looks like you’ve been to many places in Japan! Thanks for the follow.

      • Welcome Laarni πŸ™‚ there is absolutely so much places to go in Japan that I think I am not done yet hahah! It is a place with marvelous and beautiful scenery, people, food … The list goes on…

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