Take That, Students!

“I want my personality to be what it is.”

He wrote wonderfully. Usually about things that made me pause so I could write a comment that would match the depth of his carefully-written thoughts. I was impressed with his writing, but I was also perplexed because here was a smart 18-year-old boy who could write but had great difficulty speaking out one sentence in English.

Today’s prompt let me imagine the possibility of becoming fluent in a language without effort or frustration. My answer would be Spanish. Some of my students would answer: “What do you mean I can’t learn English instantly?”


I know there isn’t a lot of opportunities for my students to practice speaking English, but I also know that I’m an English teacher now partly because I practiced reading out loud in my room, mimicked Blair Waldorf when she pronounced a word I thought I was saying right, and changed my computer’s password every week to a new word I’m trying to learn.

Although most of my students have become interested and quite good in English (which makes me feel insanely happy and proud), there are a few students who complain that they still can’t speak English fluently after two months, which means 8 hours of lessons and the rest of the time without practicing or doing their homework.

Blair Waldorf gif


I’m in Japan now and although I can speak enough to help me get around, I’m far from fluency and I’m still learning. When I’m good enough to read and speak it, I’d like to go to temples and learn about their history, I’d buy a Japanese novel and get a glimpse of Japanese authors’ imagination, and I’d walk right into a restaurant without feeling nervous that they don’t have English menu.

I’d like to learn Japanese instantly but I decided to go with Spanish because (1) Filipino was influenced by Spanish, (2) I think it would be a practical language to know, and (3) I want to show my students that I’m going to learn Japanese the way that they should be learning English: with and by effort.


This is for The Daily Post’s May 16 Daily Prompt, Take That, Rosetta!


2 thoughts on “Take That, Students!

    • Learning enough of a language to get by is great but it’s also made me lazy to learn more Japanese :O I want to travel to Spain so Spanish seemed like the best choice. Thanks for dropping by!

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