Kyoto Aquarium

I was excited. Like a kid on Christmas.

Of course, I tried to keep in (and I succeeded ^^) because someone was touring me around. BUT sometimes I couldn’t help but go oooh or aaah or aaaw.

Although I should probably start with the best, I can’t help but start with my least favorite. Two words: GIANT SALAMANDERS.

OMG. Those things are like, one of the weirdest things I have EVER. EVER. SEEN. It was interesting because it was the first time I saw one but they just gave me goosebumps. Like, serious goosebumps.

Giant Salamander

Aside from those….things, everything was wonderful. Even though I couldn’t get close to the glass because there were so many people and kids, the view from the back was good too.

Kyoto Aquarium

It was also easy to go around and there was just enough room and time for you to catch your breath before you see the next big thing behind the wide glass. There were lots to see: from penguins to seals to reefs to Kyoto gardens. They even have a cafe for the hungry ones and a section for children to have fun.

Kyoto Aquarium

Of course, they also have a souvenir shop where, despite my dislike for the giant salamander (or osanshouuo in Japanese), I bought salamander phone straps as souvenirs XD Yep, definitely the ugliest but also one of the most interesting.

It was my first time ever to an aquarium and I think Kyoto Aquarium was far from disappointment.


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