This year, I promise…

Between the two ends of extroversion and introversion, I would say that I lean more towards the latter. Oh yeah, I can already hear my family and friends in an uproar. My family would go on about how goofy and crazy I can get while my friends would laugh and shake their heads – at least until I remind them how I was the first time we met.


I am an introvert with a blog. In WordPress. Accessible to the PUBLIC.

That, despite the smile I show on my profile picture, is difficult.

Thinking about what could be interesting to write about is quite stressful.

Having a bad need to write about something but being apprehensive of writing about your life is quite painful.

The solution? Write something else like a book review, one movie review, photography, book review, baking, book review, a very old poem, a few writing challenges (thank you, The Daily Post), and another book review (just to be on the safe side).

Thank God for books.

Or not. Because I am introvert with a dream that needs attention.

Last year, I resolved to write, among other immeasurable things, and I did.

I wrote and writing felt just as wonderful as reading a gem of a book.

So this year, my resolution is the same. But this time, I will might just let this blog be a witness to it.

Maybe one day I’ll find the strength to let others know about the two brothers running in my head, the circles I’ve drawn in many pieces of paper, the scenes that excite me while I lay in the dark, and the words. Words that I try to sew together to make sense, lives, and worlds.

2014 Resolution: To Write and Get it Done. Also, as inspired by the amazing Neil Gaiman, to make mistakes – to not freeze, stop, or worry that it isn’t perfect good enough.


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