Top 10 Moments from One Great Step Manila

Don’t be fooled. I may have used the word underwhelming (twice!) in my previous post about OGS Manila but I still had a lot of fun. Although there are a lot of things I completely forgot, here are my favorite from INFINITE’S One Great Step in Manila πŸ™‚

01 Dongwoo Crying

I was a heartwarming surprise when Dongwoo, the clown of the group, suddenly cried when the crowd sang him happy birthday in the middle of his goodbye speech. He was more surprised than anyone, however, because after he asked with a laugh if we knew his birthday, he broke into tears and couldn’t continue speaking in English anymore. The next things he said was in Korean and although almost everyone in the coliseum probably didn’t understand him, his low sincere bow at the end was enough to show his appreciation and humility, and enough to rattle my bias list ^^~

Dongwoo Crying One Great Step Manila

02 INFINITE introduced themselves in Filipino

Shocker! I thought they would speak some English words here and there so I was completely shocked when they introduced themselves in Filipino! If that doesn’t count as showing respect and being thoughtful to fans, I don’t know what does.

Kumusta po. Ako po ang pinaka cutest saamin po. Ako po si SungJong.


03 The Bahay Kubo song

Biggest shocker of the night! Some fans were saying that they would sing a Filipino song but when they started singing this folk song about vegetables, it was so unexpected that it took me a few seconds to figure it out. It was equally adorable, however, and a perfect fit to their down-to-earth and goofy image.

04 Paradise

This is my favorite song of theirs and, although I can only sing the English parts of the songs (literally just the word “paradise”), I was so happy to watch them perform it in person.

05 Before the Dawn

INFINITE is known for their synchronized dance. Before the dawn is probably one of their most famous songs and videos because of their famous “scorpion dance.” To be able to see that in person and watch them dance in sync was just so coooool.

INFINITE Scorpion Dance

06 Destiny

This was the first song of the night and I was so excited that my hands were still shaking a little. I swear my adrenaline was off the charts as I screamed with everyone else while watching them perform this catchy song.

07 Sunggyu’s Solo Performance

I love his voice the most among the members and his solo performance of his single, 60 seconds, made me respect him more as a vocalist. When you’re two meters away from someone singing a ballad with all his heart, you can’t help but respect them.

08 Nam Star’s Rose

Woohyun is the main vocalist of the group but although his solo performance didn’t highlight this, his ‘greasiness’ was all over the place when he gave one lucky fan a rose, a ring, and a Pikachu hat. Seriously. He’s not my favorite but I still love me some rose. Haha. Next time, though, I hope he’d go with a more serious performance to showcase his voice.

09 My own picture of SungJong!

Way at the bottom of this list. BUT! It isn’t a very good photo. In the latter parts of the show when he came close to where I was, my camera was already dead (I swear I should have checked the battery). But I’m still so happy to have taken a picture of my then favorite member.

Sungjong One Great Step Manila

10 Official lightstick!

This one was unexpected. I went to the concert with a lightstick but I found out too late that it was a useless piece of…stick. Thankfully, the girl I met in the queue had two light sticks and she lent me one. I swear I only meant to borrow it but ended up bringing it home instead! Unfortunately, I didn’t even catch her name. If you’re reading this, please leave me a message and I will give it back. If not, I hope you know that this pretty lightstick is making one girl really happy πŸ™‚

One Great Step Official Lightstick


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