Pavlova: My First Attempt at Baking

I guess there is some good in watching TV – when you’re watching the ‘cheflings’ of Junior Master Chef Australia make a pavlova. Although it was my first time seeing this dish, the children’s pavlova looked so good that I was driven to use the oven for the first time (EVER).

Thankfully, most of this delightfully looking dessert’s ingredients were available in local stores except for heavy cream, which I replaced with Nestle’s all purpose cream:

4 egg whites // 1 1/4 cups white sugar (I reduced to 1 cup) // 1 teaspoon vanilla extract // 1 teaspoon lemon juice // 2 teaspoons cornstarch // 1 pint heavy cream // 6 kiwi, peeled and sliced (I changed to mango)

The recipe I found  wasn’t very difficult to follow (searched for “easy pavlova recipe” on Google), so after struggling with the mixer and leaving our  kitchen in utter chaos, here’s what my pavlova looked like:

I knew it looked more like a plate than a pavlova but I was hoping it would puff so I pushed it into the oven anyway :3

After an hour of good smelling heaven, and topping it with cream and mango here’s the final product:

…for people who do it right (and take good pictures)

But for someone of my caliber, here’s what my pavlova looked like:


Although it wasn’t the crunchiest or the prettiest, my siblings pretty much cleared the plate in less than a minute so I’m planning to make another next week (hopefully in better shape )

P.S. Baking is fun!


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